Jubilee Stainless Worm Drive Hose Clips


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HI-GRIP worm drive hose clips are regarded universally as being the highest quality clip available in the market today. The band threads are pressed in (rather than perforated) which enhances the thread strength and presents a smooth and snag-free band surface to the hose. Their tough construction will stand a great deal of abuse.

HI-GRIP STAINLESS hose clips are made entirely from 18/8 marine quality stainless steel and therefore are ideal for salt water and many other highly corrosive environments.

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1(35mm – 25mm), 10.1/2(267mm – 235mm), 11.1/2(292mm – 260mm), 12.1/2(318mm – 286mm), 1A(30mm – 22mm), 1M(45mm – 32mm), 1X(40mm – 30mm), 2(55mm – 40mm), 2A(50mm – 35mm), 2X(60mm – 45mm), 3(70mm – 55mm), 3X(80mm – 60mm), 4(90mm – 70mm), 4X(100mm – 85mm), 5(120mm – 90mm), 6(140mm – 110mm), 6X(150mm – 120mm), 7(165mm – 135mm), 7.1/2(190mm – 158mm), 8.1/2(216mm – 184mm), 9.1/2(242mm – 210mm), MOO(16mm – 11mm), O(22mm – 16mm), OO(20mm – 13mm), OOO(12mm – 9.5mm), OX(25mm – 18mm)