Click Medical Overseas Sterile Pack

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This kit is designed for overseas travellers who have any concerns for the quality and sterility of items that may be used on them in the case of hospitalisation.This kit gives you the confidence that in those difficult circumstances the equipment used on you, your colleagues or family is safe, sterile and from assured quality suppliers.Supplied in rip stop, green first aid bag with carrying handle.Description Contents On Label* 2ml Syringe x 4* 5ml Syringe x 4* 10ml Syringe x 2* Green Needle x 5* Orange Needle x 5* Blue Needle x 5* IV Set x 1* Butterfly IV Cannula x 1* Sutures x 1* Sterile Pre-injection Swabs x 10* Spot Plasters x 10* Non Adhesive Dressing 5cm x 1* Microporous Tape (2.5cm x 10m) x 1* First Aid Guidance Leaflet x 1