Personal Burn Kit

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Click Medical have formed a partnership with BurnFree, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of an innovators in Hydrogel technology and burns first aid products.BurnFree works!How? BurnFree gel draws the heat out of burn injuries and into the hydrogel. This cools the burn injury providing pain relief and helps stop the burn progression. BurnFree also keeps the wound site moist so that the body will not lose more water, helping to keep burn victims from entering into shock. BurnFree is a viscous gel. This allows the exposed nerve endings to be covered by the gel, offering near immediate pain relief.While water will cool the burn, it is often difficult if not impossible to keep water over the entire burn area. Also, a large volume of water is required to cool even a small burn. BurnFree works best because the BurnFree gel is viscous, meaning that it will stay on the burn and draw out the heat, making it easier to cool the burn with BurnFree than with water. By covering the burn site, BurnFree will also help to prevent contamination until medical care is obtained.For your personal use at home, work and in the small kitchenKit contains:* 1 x CM0331 (5×15) Burns Dressing* 1 x CM0332 (10×10) Burns Dressing* 1 x CM0340 59ml Gel Bottle* 3 x3.5gmd Gel Sachets* 1 x Burnfree Personal Box